Need inspiration to create sequences for your home practice? Here it is!

Videos include: 

  • Sequencing Arc
  • Sequencing Template
  • Order, Timing & Repetition
  • Tailoring Sequences for specific needs
  • Sequence creation for beginners
  • Create sequences that challenge you
  • Linking poses & create vignettes
  • Learn the ART of sequencing

Learn the foundations of sequencing and be creative & build from there

Create sequence that motive and inspire you to practice


Included in the

  • PART 1: Sequencing Foundations

    Learn the foundations of sequencing. Understand how to order the asana for a well-rounded sequence, how long to hold a pose and how many time to repeat it. Learn how to create basic sequences and sequences for a more specific need.

  • PART 2: Create Some Sequences

    I'll step you through a few methods to create sequences that are quick, simple but satisfying to practice. And I'll step you through creating a more tailored sequence for specific needs.

  • PART 3: Create Challenging Sequences

    I'll step you through a technique you can apply immediately in your practice to create sequences that are challenging. Learn how one asana leads to another and how to string them together to create flowing sequences.

You will never be stumped for what to practice again

Everything you need to keep your home practice fresh

Hi, I'm Kate Roseth the founder of Yogabranches and host of these videos. 

I teach 8 classes a week at a studio to all different level students and students with special needs, so I have a lot of experience creating sequence.

I'm excited to share with you some detailed but easy to apply tips that you can action today to improve your home yoga practice and make visible progress in your asana practice.

What other have to say

Hear from people who have watched the video series

“You teach with such clarity and simplicity I feel, even, viewing the video replay is so very worthwhile!! I am loving every moment !! Thank you so much!!”

Barbara Katz

“The nugget I’ve enjoyed most so far is the workbook 101 asana stick figures. What a time saver and a great way to compare the shapes of the poses when planning a sequence. Thanks!”

Rebecca Salinas Wallac

“Main thing... watching how easily you could take a few poses from each section and create a focused sequence. You have inspired me.”

Debra Wheeler

Creating Sequences - VIDEO SERIES

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