Plan Your Practice WORKSHOP SERIES

  Includes training on how to:

  • Plan for the whole month, every week and day
  • Create an all-rounded practice
  • Plan and manage your time so you are more efficient on the mat
  • Tips on Sequencing
  • Include more challenging poses in your daily practice

Imagine a whole months practice planned before you even get on the mat

Start planning now

Plan Your Practice WORKSHOP SERIES

Included in the

  • PART 1: The Whole Month

    We begin by looking at the big picture and the whole month. In this video we open up a can of worms and explore all possibilities of what you could practice and focus on for the month

  • PART 2: Weeks of the Month

    In this video you will start to hone your focus and ideas for the month and begin to block out how the weeks are structured

  • PART 3: Days of the Month

    Lets plan the nitty gritty of how long, what time and WHAT you will practice each day of the week

  • WORKBOOK: Step by Step Worksheets

    Worksheets you can use to step your throught the process and organise yourself for the whole month

  • WORKBOOK: Sequencing Worksheets

    Learn how to create sequences from scratch with this workbook

Here's what Janice had to say after the workshop

“Wow, all this time i've just been getting on the mat hoping for the best and often finding my practice aimless and unsatisfying. Since following these videos I have so much motivation and focus in my practice it's so much more satisfying and easier to practice daily.”


Janice White

Plan Your Practice WORKSHOP SERIES

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