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Who is this program for?

This program is for teacher trainees, certified teachers and experienced practitioners who want to take their practice to the next level.

It's for motivated and dedicated practitioners who want to work with like-minded people to develop their practice and teaching skills with assessment in mind.

It is for teachers who want to be inspired, motivated and challenged, and want to work with a peer group of practitioners.

I know it takes a lot of drive and discipline to keep your practice at a high level and to prepare for an assessment. Doing it with others is more fun, keeps us motivated and the sharing of knowledge is incredible.

In this group, we support each other, give each other input and thrive in our learning, our practice and our teaching.  

With the Peer Practice Program, you will get

  • An instant global community of engaged practitioners
  • Input & support from your peers, (students with so much experience)
  • The motivation for your practice so it is constantly developing
  • Regular contact with like-minded practitioners on the same path
  • Inspiring discussions around the challenges of teaching, practicing & preparing for assessment
  • Led practices to challenge your practice
  • Teaching sessions where you can test out teaching those challenging poses
  • Opportunities to 'workshop' poses
  • Resource Kits with step by step instructions to get you organised in your learning.

study & practice with your peers

Say goodbye to figuring it out on your own

How it works

Chip away at the syllabus and your assessment practice each week

This program is a small intimate group so that individual attention is possible and everyone is seen and heard.

Each month will include weekly group live video sessions 
  • LIVE Led Practices  

  • LIVE Teaching Sessions
  • LIVE Led Pranayama Practice
  • LIVE Discussions

  • LIVE Workshops Sessions to breakdown poses

Each month includes a Resource Kit to help you plan, organise and focus your study 

In the Peer Practice Program I'm all about making preparing for assessment more enjoyable, even fun.

With the support and tools provided you will be less stressed about everything that has to be done because you will have systems in place and know that every box is being checked.

In the PPP we will remove the preparation overwhelm and get on your mat and do more yoga.

A growing library of videos to enrich your learning

A growing library of videos currently available for replay

What current members say about the program

“It's a great way to start preparing for the assessment! One connects with asanas that are not commonly practiced and at the same time starts building more stamina to the practice and it's nice to get in touch with peers from all around the world that are on the same path. There's constant feedback between each other”

Germán Berno

“I’m enjoying the peer practice program as a tool to grow within my practice and with my teaching. Getting to watch the replays if not able to attend the live sessions have been hugely beneficial. I’m starting to get more organised and I like how Kate breaks the assessment practice up so your not just doing the full sequence every time which I found very difficult when practicing the intro 2 syllabus. Practicing J1 has been more interesting and fun. Thanks, Kate, for creating this community within the Iyengar system as we all know how hard it is as well as rewarding. ”

Samantha Baker

“How amazing to connect with a group of people from all over the world, there's something especially great about seeing everyone's floors /living rooms & corridors for practicing in! Knowing there is a community I can practice with, and hold myself accountable with, has been incredibly important for me. ”

Joanna Wright

$57/Month or $570/Year


7 Day Free Trial

No contracts cancel anytime, but i'm sure you will love it and stick with it.

learn, explore and practice together

Deepen your practice and teaching

Hi, I'm Kate and as well as being a yoga teacher, I'm also a mum, wife, entrepreneur, and foodie. 

I teach 8 classes a week at Darwin Yoga Space, which is owned and run by my Senior Teacher Carole Baillargeon. 

I've been lucky to have a senior teacher who has been right there for me for 17 years and through all of my assessment preparations.

But we are not all so lucky.

So I want to share with you some of the incredible organising & planning tools I have used to prepare for assessment.

As well as offer a space for trainees and teachers to have a rich, collaborative learning environment to hone their practice and teaching.

I love building community and working with others and sharing this incredible art form.

I am an organisation queen and community builder. 

Each month I deliver a content program that meets the needs to the group.

Yep, you tell me what you want and I'll schedule it in!

I will also host/facilitate each session and bring everyone together for some incredible sharing and inspired learning.

Oh yeah and technology is my other strong point. So using incredible applications like ZOOM & Facebook we can all see and hear each other in the live sessions.

This program is founded on peer support

No intimidation, no fear of getting it wrong or being shamed

Do you feel alone and need support?

Practicing every single day on our own can be lonely and challenging.

Do you

  • Lack motivation to practice?
  • Do you want to practice more challenging poses?
  • Want to explore and understand poses in the company of others with the same questions?
  • Need students who can do the challenging poses you have to teach?
  • Want feedback on your practice and teaching?
  • Want to share your experience, ask questions and bond?

How good would it be to have peers to share your passion with, ask questions of and get feedback from... weekly?

Make your assessment study fun, enriched and inspired by doing it with buddies who are working on the same syllabus as yourself.

And of course, you will have me, Kate Roseth. I'm a certified Junior Intermediate 1 teacher and I would love to share my knowledge, passion, and experience with you.

And I'm currently preparing for my next assessment too. So I'll be right there with you.

small, intimate group size

Get a personalised experience with a

What's Included in the Program

The PPP Video Library is growing each week

  • LIVE Led Practices ranging from 60-120 minutes long

  • LIVE Teaching Sessions, to practice teaching

  • LIVE Led Pranayama Practice

  • LIVE Discussions about approach to practice, teaching and assessment

  • Resources to help you plan and organise your practice and study

  • Private Facebook group for ongoing discussion and support

  • Support, Community, friendship and networks

  • A safe and private online platform to learn, share, inspire and grow

  • Workshop Sessions to break down poses

Not sure if the the Peer Practice Program is the right fit for you?

Ask Kate a question


Check out what is currently available in the Program

The resources are growing weekly

  • 01


    Show Content
    • Welcome Video
    • Introductory Video - How the program works
    • Technical Guidelines & Tips for LIVE Sessions
  • 02


    Show Content
    • October 2019 Schedule
  • 03


    Show Content
  • 04


    Show Content
    • Essential qualities of a yoga teacher
    • Teachers Code of Practice
    • Key Reference Texts
  • 05


    Show Content
    • KIT #1 - Approach to Practicing the Syllabus
    • KIT #2 - Nailing the Teaching
    • KIT #3 - Sequencing & Categories of Asana
    • KIT #4 - Mindset & Staying Focused
    • KiIT #5 - Red/Orange/Green Columns
    • KiIT #6 - Practice Cards
    • KIT #7 - Linking Asana
  • 06


    Show Content
    • Introductory Syllabus 1
    • Introductory Syllabus 2
    • Junior Intermediate 1 Syllabus
    • Junior Intermediate 2 Syllabus
    • All Syllabus - Google Sheet
  • 07


    Show Content
    • 14 March - Intro Led Practice
    • 14 March - JI1 Led Practice
    • 21 March - Intro Teaching & Feedback
    • 22 March - JI1 Teaching & Feedback
    • March 28 BONUS Led Practice - All Levels
    • 28 March - Approach to Assessment Sequence Discussion
    • March Survey
  • 08


    Show Content
    • 4 April - JI1 Led Practice
    • 4 April - Nailing the Teaching Discussion
    • 11 April - Intro Led Practice
    • 18 April - Teaching & Feedback
    • 19 April - Teaching & Feedback
  • 09

    MAY 2019 REPLAYS

    Show Content
    • 3 May - All Levels Practice
    • 9 May - Teaching & Feedback
    • 16 May - Sequencing & Asana Category Discussion
    • 17 May Led Practice - Tiffany
    • 23 May Teaching & Feedback
  • 10


    Show Content
    • 7 June - Teaching + Amazing feedback from group
    • 14 June - Junior Intermediate 2 Led Practice
    • 21 June - Mindset and Goal Setting Discussion
    • 28 June Teaching Session
  • 11


    Show Content
    • 5 July Led Practice - All Levels
    • 8 July Teaching
    • 19 July Led Practice with German Berno
    • 26 July Teaching
  • 12


    Show Content
    • Lead Practice with an enquiry into Gomukhasana arms and how they link to many poses
    • 9 August Teaching
    • 16 August Discussion - Modifications & Adjustments
    • 23 August Teaching
    • Led Practice by Member Dale Shields
  • 13


    Show Content
    • 5 September 2019 - Backbend Practice
    • 9 September 2019 - Teaching
    • 12 September - Introductory 1 & 2 Mock Assessment
    • 19 September - Linking Asana Discussion
    • 23 September - Padmasana & Garudasana Workshop
  • 14


    Show Content
    • 10 October 2019 - Armbalance Practice
    • 14 October 2019 - Teaching & Feedback


  • If I cancel my monthly subscription can I continue to access the videos and material?

    You will be able to access the material up until the day your monthly subscription is due to renew. Once your renew date has passed you will not be able to access any of the program material.

  • Can I enrol anytime?

    Yes you can enroll anytime during the month however you won't join the live sessions until the start of the new month. However, you get immediate access to all the replays of previous months in the program portal.

  • Can I use the hours in this program towards my teacher training hours?

    No, this is not a teacher training program and I am not a certified teacher trainer. This is a peer group program facilitated by Kate Roseth who has successfully passed through the levels of assessment you are currently preparing for.

  • Will I be able to ask questions and get individual support?

    Yes. This is a small group program so that everyone enrolled can be heard and seen. There will be plenty of opportunity in the live discussion and mock teaching sessions to ask questions and get feedback.

  • When does the program start?

    Depending on when you enroll. As soon as you enrol you get immediate access to the Peer Practice Portal which is a library of content that has accumulated from months of the groups practicing together. You will only join the live sessions at the start of a new month.

  • What time are the live sessions?

    Currently the live session times alternate each week between 6am and 9am on Friday ACST. Every few months we vote for a new live session time so everyone gets a chance to join the live sessions.

  • Is it worth it is I can't join the live sessions?

    Absolutely. If you can't join live sessions you can watch the replay. Many members can't join live sessions because of the time difference but find the replays very beneficial. You can also submit questions ahead of the live session to get your questions answered.

  • Can I cancel after the first month?

    Yes! You cancel anytime, there is NO minimum time commitment.

  • How long before going for assessment should I join the program?

    This program is a slow burner. Members often join at least 9 months before going for assessment. This program is not a last minute quick fix, we are all in it for the long haul and members even stay after assessment because the learning and community is so rich.

Look no further, they're right here!

Where is everyone who loves to study yoga like you do?

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This is not a teacher training program and the hours accrued in this program cannot be counted for teacher training hours. I am NOT a certified teacher trainer.

I am a certified Junior Intermediate 1 teacher with heaps of drive, passion, teaching experience and love to share and support others in their yoga practice. 

This program is a peer program and relies on committed and engaged practitioners to share their experiences with the group. 

In an ideal world, we would be practicing with our peers at the studio, but many of us are isolated or alone in our studies, so this is where the PPP fills that gap.

We practice, study, learn, discuss and share together to create community and support each other.