Backbend Support VIDEO SERIES

The Backbend Support Video Series will give you insight into how the back works and how to prepare and practice backbends in different ways.

Backbends can be challenging for some and easy for others.  These videos are for all levels of experience. For the beginners, I'll show you how to start with the basics and warm up to more advanced. For experienced practitioners, we dive deep into some more changing backbends too. 

6 videos with actionable, bit size tips and teaching to support your practice of backbends in your home yoga practice

Backbend Video Series $37

Whats included!

5 videos to inspire your backbend practice

“Wow! so much to work with!”

Blye Wilson

“That was AMAZING!!!, learned so much thank you”

Jessica Mckenzie

  • Kate Roseth

    Kate Roseth is a mother, wife, yoga practitioner and food lover. She is also a certified Iyengar yoga teacher and the founder of She works with yoga practitioners who are struggling to maintain a consistent home yoga practice and need inspiration and motivation to take their yoga practice to the next level and supports them in deepening their experience and understanding of yoga for maximum benefits. Kate’s teaches 8 yoga classes a week at Darwin Yoga Space an Iyengar studio that has been running for 20 years. She continues to deepen her experience and understanding of Iyengar yoga with ongoing professional development with senior Iyengar teaches and visits Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in India. Kate believes a community is essential for a sustainable home yoga practice, and this is how was born.

    Kate Roseth

    Kate Roseth


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