Do you struggle to get on the mat daily?

It's one thing finding the motivation or inspiration to get on the mat it's something else knowing what to do once you actually get there.

Not knowing what to practice is one of the biggest challenges of a home yoga practice. 

Creating a sequence that is:

  • the right duration
  • challenging 
  • nail repetition and timing
  • is an all-rounded practice
  • makes you feel awesome

it's not easy and it takes time and skill

If you had a library of well planned and thought out sequences to follow every day of the week, motivation and inspiration wouldn't be half the issue it is.

That's why I create the Home Yoga Practice Membership.

STOP and IMAGINE how you would feel if every single day you rolled out your mat and practiced yoga

Remove the struggle of when, how and what to practice

All the roadblocks stopping you from practicing like making time, knowing what to do, distractions, motivation, confidence can be overcome...

You just need a plan, some steps to take and some support.

This is how I feel when I practice yoga every day...

  • Less stressed
  • More energised
  • Clear-headed
  • Stronger
  • Pain-free
  • More confident
  • Improved sleep
  • Better eating habits

and the list goes on... but you will only feel these benefits if you practice regularly

With a plan, support and actionable tools you can make yoga part of your everyday life.

I want to support you to start practicing regularly, so you start to feel the difference


Kate Roseth is a mother, wife, yoga practitioner and food lover. She is also a certified Iyengar yoga teacher and the founder of Yogabranches.com. She works with yoga practitioners who are struggling to maintain a consistent home yoga practice and need inspiration and motivation to take their yoga practice to the next level and supports them in deepening their experience and understanding of yoga for maximum benefits. Kate’s teaches 8 yoga classes a week at Darwin Yoga Space an Iyengar studio that has been running for 20 years. She continues to deepen her experience and understanding of Iyengar yoga with ongoing professional development with senior Iyengar teaches and visits Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in India. Kate believes a community is essential for a sustainable home yoga practice, and this is how Yogabranches.com was born.

Kate Roseth

Kate Roseth

This is how I will support you

I can support you with my years of experience. I have had the same struggles as you and I know what it takes to make the shift from wanting a regular and consistent home yoga practice to actually having one.

The membership portal includes so more than led video sequence.  I offer a huge range of videos to support you in all aspects of your practice.

The content included will support the growth of your practice on a physical, mental and philosophical level.

The monthly Q & A Session is possibly the best way I can support your personal yoga journey.

Each month you can ask me questions specific to your yoga practice and I will answer them so that you can move forward in your practice and make progress.

I've got you covered with my monthly Home Yog Practice Membership.

Who is the Home Yoga Practice Membership for?

Whatever stage you are in your practice I can support you.

We are on the same path.

I know if you are a beginner and new to this whole home yoga thing you need short, easy sequences to follow with a little extra guidance.

I know if you are an intermediate practitioner you want a broad range of practices that are challenging and leave you wanting more.

I know if you are a yoga teacher you need to fill up your tank with advanced led practices that will also give you ideas for teaching.

“I had been really struggling to get back into my yoga after breaking for a couple of years. I thought I’d give yogabranches a try and I’m really glad I did. The videos are as good as going to a class and Kate talks about what body part and actions to concentrate on just like you would get in an Iyengar class. Plus you can do these when ever is convenient for you. Kate keeps in regular contact via email with inspiring ideas such as practice ideas when you are traveling and how to organise your practice around your busy schedule. I’m really glad that I have signed up and am beginning to really enjoy my practice again. Thank you”

Simon Scott

“I love having access to these resources. I used to struggle with deciding which asanas to do and sticking to my intended length of practice. Now I just select the focus and length of practice according to my current state and time available and press play. I have been able to achieve much more consistent home practice, and have noticed the many benefits of this, and the resources are always growing. Thanks Kate! ”

Rachel Conn

“This is a great resource for me. I have found that I am sometimes challenged by the poses, but the advice that Kate offers is very helpful, and there are alternative poses given if you are not yet ready for the more difficult poses. I have asked a few online questions and I always found Kate very helpful and she always responds with a very short turn around, explaining the solution, and always offering to follow up if I'm still unsure. Thanks Kate.”

Gill Abraham

Here is what's inside the membership portal

New videos added every week!

  • LIVE Led Weekly Online Practice

  • Props & Equipment guidelines & inspiration

  • Practicing with Injuries Videos

  • 10 - 60 Minute Led Practices

  • 30 Minute Taught Classes

  • Pranayama Classes

  • Restorative Classes

  • Audio Classes

  • Downloadable Sequences

  • Pose Demonstrations


Maintaining a home yoga practice has many challenge, make it a whole lot easier with




    A video tutorial and worksheets stepping you through how to plan your practice for the whole month down to the day (Value $17)


    Every Monday at 6am (ACST) Kate invites you to practice with her from the comfort of her lounge room. You can join the practice LIVE through a private Facebook group. It's almost as good as being in the same room together. (Value $497/year)


    A series of 5 audio recordings to lead you into savasana for deep relaxation. Ranging from 3-15 minutes long, practice savasana if nothing else. (Value $27)

It's time to stop wishing yoga was part of your every day life and make it.

What's stopping you from making the commitment to your practice?

The more time and effort we put into our practice the greater the benefits... but it doesn't take much to start seeing the change and transformation.

Committing to 20 minutes a day 3 times a week will already have you feeling more relaxed and with more energy and you will start to build your confidence to increase the duration and regularity of practice.

We want to feel good, body and mind right?

No more guesswork, no more procrastinating, no more excuses, the yoga journey is hard enough as it is, give yourself a good start and follow me.

“A big thank you Kate for your ongoing support. Kate has now become my "almost" daily mat companion and teacher. My progress is steady, I am becoming stronger a little each day…. As I do not have a local Iyengar teacher to learn and study from, Kate has made such a difference to my practice. I seem to pick up something little every time I am on the mat. Little tiny queues that Kate gives with her instruction have been so beneficial ... I fumble along daily, however never regret getting on my mat. I would recommend "Yogabranches" to anyone that needs a "little" support with your yoga home practice, it makes it so much easier to get on your mat daily with Kate there to guide you. The benefits are amazing and for me, life-changing.”

Amaya Alcibar

“Thanks, Kate for sharing all your knowledge and resources. My Home Yoga Practice membership gives me access to all that I need to inspire and improve me and all that I aspire to achieve. The range of resources available through the membership also suits all the situations that life swings me so I can still achieve my yoga practice (pretty much :)) Your weekly emails and inspirational tips/insights are also invaluable. ”

Sajidah Abdullah


  • Can I cancel my monthly membership?

    You can cancel your membership at any time there is no lock-in contract.

  • I am just a beginner is this suitable for me?

    There is a range of classes from 10-60 minutes long. The shorted duration classes are more suitable for beginner students. Particularly the 20 minute videos have more instruction for beginner students

  • I live in a different timezone and can't join the live led practices, can I still access them?

    Yes. All the live led practices are uploaded into the Memerbship portal 24hrs after the practice.